what does it mean to partner with counter culture?

Partnering with counter culture is forging a relationship with a mission-driven program adapted to the needs of those on the frontlines of the cheese and specialty food industries. counter culture believes that supporting these individuals and providing them with the most up-to-date education and tools directly elevates and expands the industry as a whole.

photo by:  the mobile monger


When you work with counter culture, we pair our in-depth knowledge of our audience with your diverse product offerings and subject matter expertise to highlight what your company is passionate about and emphasize what makes you an industry leader—including why our attendees should be learning from you and what they need to know. We’ll work together to best integrate your company into counter culture, featuring your products in a variety of ways over the course of the multiple-day seminar with a personalized plan. 

Depending on where we can best maximize your impact, you may find yourself on a panel discussing unique techniques, regions, or concepts, seeing your products paired with other specialty foods and beverages,  having your products integrated into a demonstration by culinary professionals, or analyzed in a lesson on sensory evaluation. By integrating each partner over the whole of counter culture, seminar attendees are able to see company experts and products in different lights, gaining in-depth knowledge—from the origin of a product, to its unique traits, to the stories behind its creation—that they can  extend to consumers.

photo by:  the mobile monger

tasting TABLE

Tasting Table is a designated area within counter culture—easily accessible throughout seminar days—that is stocked with accompaniments for cheese and meat. Attendees continuously  try new potential products for their shops, experiment with pairings, and revisit trusty favorites in a new light. Tasting Table provides exposure, connection, and placement on the most photographed aspect of counter culture. Contact information about items on Tasting Table is shared with attendees for easy access. 

photo by: t he mobile monger

photo by: the mobile monger



At the end of the first day of each counter culture, we host a Pizza Festa with our partners Forza Forni! Forza Forni along with chef Angelo Competiello, official Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana pizzaioli, will be tossing up pizzas on the Bambino, Forza Forni's smallest rotating brick oven, using cheeses and cured meats from all of our presenters. Attendees join the party along with along with a slew of local food professionals and media who cannot commit to a day of classroom time, as we foster a sense of community over pizza, beer, cider, wine, meat and cheese.