ACS Conference Scholarships


Each year, the American Cheese Society, in conjunction with the American Cheese Education Foundation and the John Crompton Memorial Scholarship Fund, awards full and partial scholarships to cheesemakers, retailers, students, and local chefs to attend the Annual ACS Conference and Competition.

Daphne Zepos Teaching Award


Each year, the Daphne Zepos Endowment awards a $5,000 scholarship to someone working in the food industry to further their learning—and their ability to educate others—about cheese. The winner travels to Europe to immerse themselves in cheese learning, and then presents their experiences at the American Cheese Society Conference the following year.

Cheesemonger Invitational


The cheesemonger olympics. Mongers compete in knowledge, technical skill, salesmanship, and presentation. The final six participate in lighting round challenges which are open to the public, and one is crowned the greatest cheesemonger in America. 

Cheese Study Group Scholarships for ACS CCPs® and Exam Candidates


The Facebook “Cheese Study Group” is offering scholarships for cheese professionals in two categories:

1: ACS CCP Exam candidate(s) – expenses to take the ACS CCP Exam and attend the ACS Conference. (Up to $1900 US for each scholarship)
2. ACS CCP(s), in good standing – expenses to attend the ACS Conference. (Up to $1400 US for each scholarship)