culture resources

Cheese Library
An online reference with history, make process, specs and photos for hundreds of cheeses. 

Cheese Dictionary
Learn to talk like a cheese pro with culture.  

Retailer Directory
Find the best cheese shops in the country. 

How to Cut Cheese
With helpful diagrams, discover the best way to slice it, no matter the shape. 

How to Wrap Cheese
Step-by-step instructions and photos make wrapping it easy.  

"Feast for the Mind: How your Senses Impact Food"
What's happening to our bodies when we taste cheese? 

Cheese Texture Guide
Culture's very own tried-and-true lexicon. 

In Living Color: How Hues Hoodwink Flavor
Discover the relationship between visual, gustative and olfactory senses during tasting.




Oldways Cheese Coalition
Engages with regulators, legislators, and consumers to promote traditional cheeses globally. The website collates academic and scientific research on traditional and artisanal cheeses.
A go-to technical resource for decoding the science of cheese. Topics are broken down into easily-digestible categories and explained in a straightforward matter.
An awesome resource to learn more about fermentation and microbiology.



facebook groups

Cheese Study Group
A public Facebook group for anyone looking to expand their cheese knowledge, particularly those studying for ACS CCP certification. Members share facts, articles, resources, and questions about anything and everything cheese.

Cheese Jobs 
A job board and exchange for those offering or seeking jobs within the cheese industry.

online courses

Sartori Cut & Wrap
Watch a series of videos and gain certification in cutting and wrapping cheese. 

ACS Webinars
For its members only, ACS has compiled dozens of lectures on different topics that can be accessed online.